Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Life to Save

It was first day on our third week duty in the Operating and Delivery Room (OR/DR) at Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital. We were on a 3pm-11pm shift. The OR/DR was not that busy since there was no scheduled operation or any patient waiting at the labor room. 

While having our team conference, the phone rang...the staff was told to prepare for an exploratory laparoscopy, a surgical procedure to examine the peritoneum for any injury. The patient admitted was stubbed with a knife at the abdominal area and is losing large amount of blood prompting an emergency procedure. This means, there is a stat OR procedure coming for us. 

The patient was brought into the operating room bathe with his blood . His abdomen was covered with some cloth concealing what could be his exposed intestines. It was my turn to assist for so I immediately prepared for the operation. The 3 hour operation proved to be life-saving. Despite of blood loss the patient got out of the operation table alive and is recuperating smoothly in the ward.

My shift ended with joy in my heart. That time I learned to value life. That time I learned to appreciate my chosen profession. A profession that requires great responsibility. A responsibility that will save others life. 

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