Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pure Voices (Acapella)

As I was lying on my bed pausing on every nook and corners of my mind, I came across a male group..hey..I love this acapella singers. Their album is awesome and I managed to have a copy of it. I am talking about the “Akafellas”. So, I went to my CD collection and search for their album. Scanning..I automatically halted at the song entitled “Kaleidoscope World”. It’s a song originally made by the late Francis M. As I listened to each vocal parts and appreciating its harmony, an idea popped into my head. Uhmmmm...why not form a group just like this?

Back in college days, during my first course, I had a male group and we also sing acapella. We named ourselves “Men In Tune”. Anyway, I still have to think it over. There are certain things to consider such as time and the availability of singers. Furthermore, I am currently a member of a mixed group.

So, back to the Akafellas, I have watched this group before performing at AYALA Center, Cebu City. And man, it was a terrific experience. DJ Mike (one of the members) is an amazing human beat boxer. He’s like a walking sound machine with loads of big woofers and amplifier. Listening to him gives me goosebumps, sending vibrations to every string of nerves running through me. The group can sing both slow and upbeat music, and as expected in live performances, some flaws cannot go unnoticed. However, the group was able to manage it professionally and successfully. It 
was such a pleasant evening to witness them performing live.

Pure voices..That's the beauty of acapella. Leave those instruments behind cause you wont need them. Just present yourself and produce a sound.

(There are lots of acapella groups out there and they are accessible through the net.)

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