Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Group (The Revived)

A Task to Continue

Picture taken for our Power of Praise concert last July 2009 
I have a group named ‘'Revived”. It’s a vocal group, singing for God's ministry, organized 3 years ago by its pioneers. The group had series of concerts locally for 3 years and it feels great to sing because we all share the same passion, MUSIC. I joined the group 2 years ago and since our conductor left after he graduated the task was then passed unto me. 

We are 15 now in the group but a few were inactive. I felt fortunate because I was given the task to handle the group though I know how hard it is. However, Revived must continue its purpose to sing and to minister. So, regardless of the “hard to handle” thing, I should still continue to lead Revived.
Currently, the original director is back to continue the group's ministry. It was so timely because I'm temporarily leaving the group for an important thing to do. More important than leading Revived. However, it doesn't mean that I'm turning my back and leave the ministry. I'm still here and still active for the group's ministry. In time, I will still find myself singing with the group and reaching some precious souls through music. For in God's service, there is no such thing as retirement. The task must continue.  

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