Monday, February 7, 2011

SDA Group Committed won NBC's Sing-off

Will They Still Be Committed?
With powerful lead vocals, soaring harmonies, booming bass lines, Committed never fails to get an audience's attention, and they use their unique musical sound to minister to audiences of all kinds. Committed is a 6-man a cappella christian group. They can leave the pianos, guitars, and drums at home, and still blow away audiences away using only their voices. 
The a capella group "Committed" from Huntsville Alabama is singing its way to stardom on season two of the NBC reality show The Sing-Off. The six-man group began as a quartet at Forest Lake Academy, an Adventist boarding school in Apopka, Florida. "Committed" expanded at Oakwood University, where all the group's members have attended or are attending classes.
The Sing-Off is a five-night event that premiered Monday, December 6. Host Nick Lachey is a multi-platinum recording artist. Ten a capella groups compete for a Sony record deal and $100,000, evaluated by a three-person panel of celebrity judges. 
According to Andrews University, Committed is the only Christian group in the competition. At first, this caused problems for the group.

Image source: Committed Facebook page
Before taping the show, Committed knew they would face some scheduling conflicts because they believe in keeping Saturday as the Sabbath. The group told the producers they would not be able to practice or perform on Saturdays.

According to Andrews University, Committed waited a week to find out if they would still be able to compete. The group's taping dates were moved to Mondays and Wednesdays.

"Our goal has always been to minister to people, to touch people's hearts, to spread the love of Jesus with our music," said Geston Pierre, bass singer for Committed. "We're glad to be on the show, but wether we win or lose, we're going to continue doing what we've been doing."

Committed was formed in 2003 at Forest Lake Academy in Orlando, Fla. Since then, the group's membership has changed lots of times. The current group is made up of five graduates and one undergraduate student fromOakwood University in Huntsville, Ala. 
Committed is the second Seventh-day Adventist a cappella group to compete on "The Sing-Off." In December 2009, Nota won the first season of "The Sing-Off." Their debut album was released in November.

Take 6 also traces its history back to Oakwood. Thirty years ago, the group began at what was then Oakwood College. Since then, the group has won 10 Grammy awards and 10 Dove awards. They've released their most recent album in October.
Committed is Maurice Staple (first tenor), Alain Gervais (tenor, lead vocals, beat box), Theron Thomas Jr. (tenor 3, lead vocals), Geston Pierre (bass), Robert Pressley Jr. (tenor 4, lead vocals, beat box) and Dennis Baptiste Jr. (baritone). They are on Twitter (!/committed6) and have a Facebook fan page.
Committed is not the first Adventist act to participate in a TV competition. Southwestern Adventist University student Rickey Smith appeared on Season Two of American Idol and made the top seven competing against Clay Aiken and others.
Recently, Southern Adventist University junior biochemistry major, Hans von Walter placed third on the College Championship edition of Jeopardy.
"Committed" wowed audiences every each performance with soaring vocals and powerful bass lines. They went viral online almost immediately, fueled in part by Adventists on Facebook and fans of their music. 

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